Why First Crush Tastings?

We convert more pours into more sales. Period.

When you choose to work with First Crush Tastings, you won’t be left wondering if your tasting campaign will improve sales – you’ll know it will. That’s because we have a proven track record of 95% execution and an average 20% sales conversion (one out of every five pours results in a sale). Learn more about our services.

We’re obsessed with excellent customer service.

Our first priority is to deliver hands-on, superior service to customers, distributors and retailers. We’re so serious about service that we employ regional managers whose sole responsibility is to build relationships with retailers and suppliers. Learn more about our quality control practices.

Access to our powerful data analytics tool.

Our custom platform provides valuable insights to improve your tasting spend by automatically tracking data points like pricing and inventory, top-selling accounts and retailers, consumer feedback, and more. Reporting is available within 72 hours of your event. Learn more.

We are the tasting experts.

As we say in Texas, this isn’t our first rodeo. Since 2005, we’ve performed hundreds of thousands of events, poured more than five million samples and sold more than one million units – many to customers who had no intent to purchase when they walked into the store.

Isn’t it time you got more return from your tasting program?