Testimonials from Retailers

“First Crush has always provided me a dependable, knowledgeable and sales-oriented ambassador that consistently covers these jobs. That allows a familiarity and rapport to be built with customers providing high sales results. 2016 marks the 11th year that I have worked with First Crush.”

Stephen Bacon

Wine Steward, HEB (639)

“Working as an assistant manager within a retail store and directly interacting with brand ambassadors at First Crush, I personally have enjoyed their professionalism and the customer service they bring with their knowledge of products that are being presented to our customers. Their knowledge of the products has also taught me about certain items I’ve not known about previously and appreciate each time I’m able to work directly with them.”


Assistant Manager, Specs (150)

“Thanks so much for always sending the absolute best! Your staff is always very knowledgeable, professional and so friendly! I always know I can count on First Crush ambassadors to show up on time with a smile on their faces and be very self sufficient.”

Dina Delacerda

Beer & Wine Manager, HEB (476)

“I’m the wine steward at HEB Pearland Market #675. The service from First Crush is always top notch! For me as a buyer, I know if the sampling is from First Crush I will get a professional, well informed ambassador with a good attitude. This allows me to feel confident in purchasing more product. Whereas, if the sampling is from another company, I don’t know who will show up or if they even will show up, so I am more hesitant to order in larger quantities. Thank you for your continued great service!”

Ryanne Robinson

Wine Steward, HEB (675)

I’ve worked with First Crush ambassadors for almost 5 years and I think this company is very respectable and committed to doing the best job they can. This is a top notch company that gives top notch service.

Patricia Washington

Wine Steward, Kroger (580)

“First Crush has been one of the best tasting agencies that I have experienced. Their brand ambassadors are always prepared. There’s always a connection with First Crush Tastings supervisor who comes in and talks with me to make sure things are going right. They’ve just been on top of it.”

Steve McClintic

Kroger (456)

Testimonials from Distributors

“For the past four years, hands down, your team at First Crush has been absolutely fantastic to work with! My customers are located throughout the state of Texas, and therefore I need demos conducted in all major markets. You all share the same geographic region, which is huge and hard to come by. On top of that, your crew is very streamlined and quick to communicate upcoming events and event performance. They’re also exceptionally reliable, informed, and engaging with customers. Whenever suppliers inquire as to who I recommend to conduct demos, my response is always First Crush. Thank you for all you have done to grow my business, and cheers to many more amazing demos down the road!”

Kelley E. Strona

Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits

“My experience with First Crush was consistently great. They are very organized, provide great communication, have a great team, and are professional. Their demo team is the best in the business. They are all very well trained and go above and beyond in the stores to make a sale.”

Hope Cortez

Republic National Distributing Company

Testimonials from Suppliers

“Our company considers First Crush to be one of the premier sampling agencies in the country. Mark Anthony Brands is fortunate to have high brand shares on our products in Texas and we feel a large component of that brand growth is due to the work of First Crush. The First Crush team is solid with agents that have longevity in their markets and therefore know their stores, clients and customers well. We feel these are key attributes to successful samplings.”

Alan Hargis

Mike's Hard Lemonade

“In our fast-paced ever-changing industry, it’s important to strategically align yourself with trustworthy, reliable partnerships. Trust and reliability are the reasons First Crush Tastings is our promotional company of choice!”

Donald Morse, CSW

Viña San Pedro

“I took over our sampling program in Texas this past year and I’ve been very happy with what First Crush has done. They’re constantly innovating and understanding the business better and trying to find better ways.”

Jake Buckingham

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Testimonials from Product Demonstrators

“As a brand ambassador for First Crush Tastings, I have seen tremendous growth, both in size and scope, during my almost six-year tenure.  Strong leadership with a clear vision and a solid staff to support the ambassadors makes working for First Crush a pleasure.”

Susan B.

Round Rock

“First Crush has a great reputation among people who do demos. Common comments are: ‘They treat you so well,’ ‘They are nice when you call in with a problem,’ and ‘I like working for them.’  You are a first class company!”

Nancy K


“The staff is extremely helpful and answers my questions promptly.  If I am in the field doing a demo, I am able to reach them with a call no matter what day or time.”

Leslie N.

San Antonio

“First Crush Tastings is a great agency to work with! I have been working with this agency for more than 5 years. The best part of working with this agency is the staff. They are always available and professional.”

Imose I.


“First Crush is dedicated to making sure absolutely everything that brand ambassadors need to know is provided for each job. It truly makes it simple, each job being extremely detailed, leaving no stone unturned.”



“First Crush Tastings has provided me with the educational tools I need to conduct a successful tasting.  They set the bar high for their ambassadors. With constant growth and improvement to their company it is no secret why they are leaders in the industry.”

Linda M.


“First Crush is the most comprehensive tasting company I’ve ever worked for – from their friendly, available staff to the easily accessible platform – their business model should be used by all!”

Tammie D.


“Working for First Crush Tastings has truly been an enjoyable experience.  The staff is always professional, courteous and helpful.  I definitely like the higher standards to which First Crush ambassadors are held; I receive many compliments from store personnel. ”

Vanessa B.

San Antonio