Service Quality Assurance


We inspect what we expect

At First Crush Tastings, we know that excellent customer service doesn’t happen by chance. We’ve built a reputation of providing the very best service by maintaining high standards, constantly improving our offerings, and responding quickly to customer feedback.

Our motto, “We inspect what we expect” means we engage only the best contractors – sales-minded individuals with a track record of excellence – and ensure consistently outstanding service.  One way is through our web-based Platform, which logs activity at each event and sends an alert to the contractor 72 hours prior to the demo prompting them with supplier provided product details and to call the account to confirm the event. The Platform also automatically sends an alert when a contractor’s TABC permit is up for renewal.

Another way we inspect performance is with our team of regional managers. Based in Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our regional managers build relationships with retailers and ensure our suppliers are being properly represented.

Meet our regional managers

Beverly Ray

Beverly Ray

Dallas Market Coordinator

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Houston Market Coordinator

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